Fabricating excellence for over 15 years

Our History

In 2006 the business was started by Gav Johnson who was looking for a new challenge. Originally located in the blue mountains and operating as a one-man business from a small workshop. Katoomba steel works, as it was then known has thrived and enjoyed a constant but controlled growth, with hard work, determination and a lot of long days the business eventually outgrew the factory in Katoomba. In 2009 the business changed its name to GSJ Fabrications and relocated to larger workshop in Penrith.

Over the next 4 years GSJ continued moving forwarded and focusing on building a strong client base, by offering a very high level of service and delivering a quality product on time and budget. Due to the significant increase in workload and growing customer base in 2012 GSJ moved again to a much larger workshop located in St Mary’s. Then in late 2016 GSJ moved once again, jumping on a good opportunity we purchased our new permanent workshop. The configuration of the new workshop allows us to have a separate area for stainless steel fabrication, this is particularly important when isolating stainless from mild steel.

Our Capabilities

The business now employs around 26 full-time staff working in the workshop and on-site, and it is our aim to offer the best possible service.

We have the expertise and equipment to make us an excellent one-stop-shop for all your fabrication needs. We are capable of providing services in many different areas of the steel industry including Structural, Sheet Metal, Pipe work and more in various materials such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium.

We can also assist with external services like Galvanizing, Powder Coating, Painting, Engineering, Drafting, Laser Cutting and much more.

Recent Projects

Below are some projects that demonstrate our capabilities. If you would like to see more go to our projects page.

Sydney Water Malabar Upgrade

Approximate value $3.5M

  • Fabricated and supplied course and fine screen, Sluice channels and associated platforms and pipework
  • Drainage pump station refit
  • Supply of grit tanks baffles,
  • Install of secondary isolation stop boards including testing.
  • Replacement of 12 scum skimmers and upgrade of scum collection system.
  • Onsite fabrication of grit removal pipework.
  • Fabrication of bio-solid pipework.
  • Various fabrication, supply and install of platforms, covers and pipework.
  • Replacement of 6 square to rounds measuring approx. 4m square to 2m round and 2.5m high.
  • Replacement of 2 ageing fibreglass chemical tanks with 2 titanium tanks.
  • Installation of 18 retractable covers over the PST tanks.
Water NSW Upper Channel Refurbishment

Approximately value $1.1M

  • Manufacture and deliver 452 channel support struts.
  • Approximately 70ton of 316 stainless used.
Sydney Water Bondi, Ventilation and Scum Skimmer Upgrade

Approximate value $4M

  • Removal of existing traveling bridge skimmer.
  • Installation of helical scum skimmer including fabrication of scum collection hopper.
  • Manufacture and install of stainless steel walkways and platforms.
  • Fabrication and install of vertical foul air plenum approximately 80lm long.
  • Install of approximately 700m of fibreglass odour duct in numerous sizes from 500mm to 1400mm diameter.
  • Relocation of services including water, air and fire mains.
  • Fabrication of hatches and covers.
  • Design and fabrication of 316 grade corrugated sheeting.
Other works include:
  1. Refurbishment over various Sydney Water pump stations.
  2. Design, engineer, manufacture and install of access management system for Crown lands in the heritage listed Lapstone tunnel.
  3. Manufacture and install of mechanical components for various new Sydney Water pump stations.
  4. Fabrication of several pedestrian bridges for national parks.
  5. Manufacture and install safety grille system at Wollongong STP.

Our Clients